Safety Check

Check bike for general safety, tighten components, adjust gears and brakes, air tires & lube chain


Basic Tune

Includes bike wash, wheel true, adjustment of all bearings as well as all services included in Safety Check


Sport Tune

Includes labor costs for new part replacement or  Drive Train Clean and items included in Basic Tune


Pro Tune

Includes labor cost for  brake bleed/flush and pad install as well as items included in Sport Tune




Hydraulic Brake Bleed Front $25.00

Hydraulic Brake Bleed Rear $25.00

Rotor Install $8.00

Brake Adjust Front  $15.00
Brake Adjust Rear  $15.00
Brake Cable Install Front $8.00
Brake Cable Install Rear $8.00

Brake Pad Install Front  $10.00

Brake Pad Install Rear $10.00

Disc Brake Install Front  $30.00

Disc Brake Install Rear $30.00

Wheels & Hubs


Wheel True Front $15.00
Wheel True Rear $15.00
Wheel True with Spoke Replacement $20.00

Spoke Replacement additional Spoke $5.00
Wheel Build $65.00
Hub Adjust Front $15.00

Hub Adjust Rear $15.00
Hub Bearing Overhaul Front $20.00

Hub Bearing Overhaul Rear $45.00(Includes Freehub Service)

Chris King Hub Service $35.00

Freehub Service $25.00



Fork Dust Wiper This includes any oil or fluid. It does not include seals or other parts. $50.00

(Seals usually cost about 15.00-$40.00) 

Rear Shock Air Sleeve This includes any oil or fluids. It does not include seal kit. $30.00

(Seal kit usually cost about 15.00-$50.00)

DU Bushing Install $10.00 (pair)
Fork Install $20.00

Shock Install $15.00

Factory rebuilds and Damper Service cost is based on the specific fork or rear shock but service is available

Tires Tube & Tubeless

Tires, Tubes, and Tubeless

Flat Repair off Bike $8.00
Flat Repair on Bike $10.00
Tire Install off Bike $8.00

Tire Install on Bike  $10.00
Tubeless Conversion per Wheel $20.00
(valve not included)
Tubeless Refresh Stans 4oz $15.00

Tubeless Refresh Orange Seal 4oz $15.00

Drive Train


Chain or Chainring Install $10.00

Chain Tension Single Speed $10.00
Crank Installation $10.00

   Adjust Front $10.00
   Adjust Rear  $10.00

   Cable Install Front $10.00
   Cable Install Rear $10.00

   Hanger Install $15.00

   Hanger Straightening $5.00

   Install Front $15.00

   Install Rear $15.00

Pulley Wheel Install $10.00

Shifter Install Front or Rear $15.00

Bottom Bracket Adjust $10.00

Bottom Bracket Install  $15.00

Bottom Bracket Service $20.00

Cassette/Freewheel Install $10.00

Chris King BB Service $25.00


Handlebars, Headset, Seat Post, and Grips

Grip Install $5.00
Stem Install $5.00
Handlebar Wrap $10.00

Headset Install  $20.00
Handlebar Install $20.00

Headset Service $25.00

Trim Handlebars $10.00

Dropper Post Install $30.00

Dropper Post Bleed $20.000

Dropper Post Cable Replacement $30.00

Dropper Post Clean & Inspect $20.00

Dropper Post Rebuild $50.00 (not including parts)


Accessory Install

Computer Install $10.00

Rack Install Rear $15.00
Rack Install Front $1.00

Mirror Install $10.00
Fender Install Front  $10.00

Fender Install Rear $10.00
Bell Install $5.00


Cleaning Building and Packaging

Bike Wet Wash $25.00
Drive Train Solvent Bath $25.00
Drive Train Brush Cleaning $15.00

Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning  $20.00 (not all parts recomended)


Bike Build from Box $125.00

Single Speed or Cruizer Bike Build $65.00


Package Bike  $50.00 (includes box, shipping up to customer)

Parts Packaging $20.00 (includes box, shipping up to customer)

Cleaning Building & Packaging


Snow Sports

Ski/Board Wax $25.00

Ski/Board Edge $15.00
Tune Wax & Edge $30.00

Snow Borad Binding Mount $10.00 
XC Binding Mount $25.00 (we don not mount nordic bindings)

Base Grind with Tune $50.00
P-Tex per inch weld $5.00

Ice Skate Sharpening $15.00

Base Grind $25.00

Hot Box Ski/Board Treatment $15.00 (additional to waxing)