Pro Tune Up  Includes brake bleed/flush, drivetrain detail, and all labor costs for new part replacement (drivetrain, brake pads, cables/housing, bearing replacement, etc.) as well as items included in Basic Tune $100.00
Basic Tune Up Includes bike wash, wheel true, adjustment of all bearing sets (bb, head set, hubs) as well as all services included in Mini Tune $50.00
Mini Tune Up Make sure your bike is safe.  Includes safety check, tire air pressure check, gear/brake adjust and lube $25.00


Wheel True Front $10.00
Wheel True Rear $10.00
Spoke Install per Spoke  $3.00
Spoke Replacement per Wheel  $5.00
Wheel Build $50.00
Hub Adjust Front $10.00

Hub Adjust Rear $10.00
Hub Bearing Overhaul Front $15.00

Hub Bearing Overhaul Rear $20.00

Chris King Hub Service $25.00


Bike Wet Wash $20.00
Drive train Detail $25.00


Hydraulic Brake Bleed Front $20.00

Hydraulic Brake Bleed Rear $20.00

Rotor Install $8.00

Brake Adjust Front  $10.00
Brake Adjust Rear  $10.00
Brake Cable Install Front $5.00
Brake Cable Install Rear $5.00

Brake Pad Install Front  $5.00

Brake Pad Install Rear $5.00

Disc Brake Install Front  $20.00

Disc Brake Install Rear $20.00

Swiss Stop Treatment $5.00


Fork Dust Wiper This includes any oil or fluid. It does not include seals or other parts. (Seals usually cost about 25.00) $50.00

Rear Shock Air Sleeve This includes any oil or fluids. It does not include seal kit. (Seal kit usually cost about 20.00) $30.00
DU Bushing Install Located in most eyelets of rear shock. This bushing is designed to reduce rear suspension play, and is a good idea to replace every season. Labor price is for one or two $10.00
DU Bushings  $4.00 ea.
Fork Install $20.00


Flat Repair on bike $5.00
Flat repair off bike  $3.00
Tire install off bike $3.00
Tire install on bike $5.00
Tubeless conversion per wheel $20.00


Chain or Chainring Install $5.00

Chain Tension Single Speed $5.00
Crank Installation $10.00

   Adjust Front $10.00
   Adjust Rear  $10.00

   Cable Install Front $5.00
   Cable Install Rear $5.00

   Hanger Install $5.00

   Hanger Straightening $5.00

   Install Front $15.00

   Install Rear $15.00

Pulley Wheel Install $10.00

Shifter Install Front or Rear $5.00

Bottom Bracket Adjust $10.00

Bottom Bracket Install  $15.00

Bottom Bracket Service $20.00

Cassette/Freewheel Install $5.00

Chris King BB Service $25.00


Labor: Bar tape install  $10.00
Labor: Grip install  $2.00
Handlebar install  $10.00
Headset adjustment  $5.00
Headset install  $15.00
Stem Install   $5.00



Computer Install  $7.00
Fender Install Front $5.00
Fender Install Rear $5.00
Mirror Install  $3.00
Rack Install Front $10.00

Rack Install Rear  $10.00

Fork Install  $20.00

Headset Install $10.00

Brake/Shift Housing  $3.00 per foot

Bike Shipping Preparation $40.00