One of the two Co-Owners.

Pete is normally seen back in the service area or pushing his bike.


Always sending it hard, Thorin is one of the youngest on the team.


His bikes are worth millions of dollars.


One of the two Co-Owners.

Lover of Vans and cheese. You can catch him sending it anytime.


A  true renaissance man, Jonah is good at everything.

See him in the service area fixing your bike or on a ladder fixing the place up!


Back from the frozen north, Eli knows more than you about bikes.


He also builds his own frames.


Weekend warrior and newest addition to the team.
She's in the shop on most weekends...if you miss her you'll find her on the trail.


Weekend (and every other day too) warrior. 

One day, she'll make you a wicked latte -- the next, she'll tune your snowboard.